The science of practice

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

Bruce lee

For years we have heard the phrase practice makes perfect, for me it had always felt something merely people said to drive people to work harder and longer. For a lethargic couch potato, this simply felt like an unwanted phrase repeated by individuals who never understood what it truly meant, designed to drive sheep to work better in an inefficient system.

That is until I truly understood what practice causes within our brains and how by deliberately repeating a motion or action we cause structural changes to our brain, in a way striving towards perfection yet never truly achieving it.

non-myelinated neuron

A neuron is the structural and functional building block of our brains and nervous system. It is analogical to electrical wires in that it transfers an action potential like a current passing through a wire.

Whats the science behind Practice makes perfect

lets discuss the science of neurons involved with oparctice. similar to how we have insulation in electrical wires to reduce attenuation(loss of electrical signal) our neurons are mylienated in order to transfer the action potential efficiently and quickly with minimal loss. The mylein is a sheath much like the insulation of an electrical wire, it grows in the brain on specific neurons according to which neuron is being used. Mylenation makes the neurons we use to performs task and motion much more efficient at doing them, thereby driving our brains to the epitome of perfection through deliberate repetitions.

science of practice
science of practice

This knowledge on how our brains are driven to change has given me a deeper understanding of our unlimited potential and how contrary to popular belief we will never be the same human being we were seconds into the past. Every actions brings about change and growth . the only limitation that we have is our own selection of what we wish to practice and how we spent our limited time per day to perform the actions that are important to us. You have the power to change, to grow , to evolve ; all you need to do is choose who you want to become and split the hours in a day to strive towards the pinnacle of your perfection.

“This is not just mere words of a couch potato, this is the science of practice”

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