The only constant on the path of life is change.

Having lived a life devoid of major achievement yet reaching heights of goals that I never aimed for, I have come to realize the uncertainty of life and how a simple concept of striving for small achievable goals everyday leads to exponential growth over a lifetime. From having aims and aspirations molded by socio-economic perspectives and peer pressure, I have grown to have aspirations that aren’t considered to be the norm ; these thoughts and aspirations rose up due to delving into my passions driven by my knowledge acquired from multiple interdisciplinary sources with a singular focus to be the best version of myself.

After hitting the age of 25 having lived a life filled with lethargy and comfort, I started to ponder over the value of time from a biological and growth standpoint. A day is filled with 24 hours within those hours and within that time frame we have 8 hours of sleep, 4 hours of miscellaneous day to day activities and 12 hours for us to choose our actions to grow ourselves. I write not for myself but for the myriad of individuals lost in the veil that society creates for us, driving us to lose ourselves and live lives we were never meant to live genetically and enviromentally.